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Holy Virgin with the <br>Infant  - 16th Century                                                                                                                         St. Dimiter<br> - 18th cetury
St. Marina<br> - 17th Century

St. Marina
- 17th Century

32/22 cm        Wood, egg tempera

The icon is a direct copy of the original. It comes from the "St. Marina" Church in the town of Pazardsik and is currently exhibited in the "Alexander Nevski" crypt. It is one of the most interesting and exceptionally moving icons. It illustrates with particular intensity St. Marina's unwavering faith in Christian virtues. The maid Marina was burnt alive, because she adamantly refuse to hand over her Christian parents to the Roman authorities. Because of her self-sacrifice, she was canonized as patron of the Christian family. The icon is among the masterpieces of the icon-painting tradition in Bulgaria.