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Nicola Shamanov


Nikola Shamanov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1942. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 1970. He was in the class of Professor George Bogdanov. His specialty was murals, mosaics, and icons. After graduation he practiced his specialty as a freelancer.
He has serious contacts with famous architects and together they have some projects where he designs murals, mosaics, plastic panels of wood and textile tapestries, hand woven. Most of the projects are figural compositions. Some of the most significant compositions are:

• Plastic walls of wood in the Riga Hotel in Rousse, Bulgaria - 70 sq.m.
• Tapestries - figure composition in the Hall of Lom, Bulgaria -12 sq.m.
• Plastic figural composition - wood in the Drama Theater in Kardzhali, Bulgaria -14 sq.m.
• Several murals in the Dune complex on the Black Sea, Bulgaria - 80 sq.m.
• Frescoes and painted ceilings in the complex Havana, Bulgaria -160 sq.m.
• Seko frescoes in the Sofia hall, Sofia, Bulgaria - 84 sq.m.
• Decorative plastic wall in the Crystal Complex, Sofia, Bulgaria
• Painted ceiling and ceramic sculpture in Sofia Complex, Havana, Cuba -10 sq.m.
• Several murals in schools and kindergartens

In 1970 Nikola Shamanov participated in all kind of national applications, decorative mosaic exhibitions and tapestries. Since 1987 he is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists under section monumental arts. Many private collections in Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Japan, USA, Canada, France, etc. have his works.
Between 1980 -1983 he teaches medieval Bulgarian icons in Austria. From 1983 along with his professional activity he teaches students art and prepares students for the Schools of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. Nikola Shamanov has Art classes in different community centers such as Vasil Drumev, Roden Krai, Hristo Smirnenski 1945, Hristo Smirnenski 1946. For the last 27 years he has taught hundreds of talented students. He has organized a huge amount of exhibitions with theirs works as well as he has participated in competitions in Bulgaria, Japan, Poland, Italy, Serbia, Romania, etc. Many of his students won numerous awards and rank in these competitions.
In the last few years he is participating in the Traditional Exhibitions of Arts and Monumental Section, the aAnnual Exhibitions of Artists, living in the Izgrev area, and in exhibitions and workshops in association Altera iconography.


Meglena Shamanova


Meglena Shamanova graduated from the Nationai Academy of Art, Sofia, in 1974, specializing in Ceramics with prof. Venko Kolev. She is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.
Meglena Shamanova is an author of monumental decorative murals, connected with the architecture in Bulgaria and Cuba. She is a regular participant in national art exhibitions of Applied art in Bulgaria.
Works of hers are in the collection of the Decorative and Applied Arts Museum in Sofia and in private collections in Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Japan, Germany, Kuwait, Israel, USA.